We spend more time watching others, rather than doing something real with our lives. TV is full of bullshit and of advertising on drugs that promise to solve your problems. Facebook and Instagram have become mainstream. Everybody’s posting the same stuff, desperately trying to become viral, to show off and to create an image of an ideal life.

All of the above is actually really boring. Stop reading and start doing !


What do you do everyday with your 10 hours free time?

Getting bored makes you sleepy. Don’t waste your life! Go outside and do something!

Welcome to the world of Rasta Monsta.

The energy drink behind the rebels, the irreverents and the free spirits. Only one aspiration: to have fun out of life!

Today’s rebels don’t pick-up fights, but laugh at the idea.

Irony is the key. Prank your friends! Embarrass the role-models!